Here are some testimonials written by a few of many patients Dr. Sessa has helped.

Frank Sessa is the best Chiropractor in town! He fits me in last minute and I always leave feeling much better. He has a wonderful personality and a passion for what he does. I feel confident sending my clients from the yoga studio to Dr. Sessa. He is WONDERFUL! — Gabriella F.


As I get older, I’ve begun to realize how essential it is to maintain your body.  Regular visits with Doctor Frank have been essential to this process.  He understands how the body works, how to maintain it, and has almost a sixth sense in targeting aches and pains.  There’s never a time when I don’t feel better after a simple adjustment or ART procedure.  Frank is also a true professional with the highest integrity, something that is hard to find these days. — Jeff C.


In 2007 I tore my knee a part playing rugby. I had 3 surgeries over the course of a year. After 6 months of rehab, my knee was still tight and stiff and I had no confidence in running again. Dr. Sessa started ART on me and it helped in relieving most of the scar tissue to the point I could start training again. It felt amazing. I’m back running again! — Dr. Sal P.


Dr.Sessa has really helped me. I enjoy his style because I believe I hold my adjustment better. Although is is bad business for him, it is nice not to have to go back as often. He is also very flexible and will work with your schedule which makes it much easier. He also listens to what I have to say each time I come in and makes sure I am ok at the end of the session. If you are going somewhere else, you are missing out!!! — Courtney W.


Dr. Frank Sessa is an excellent chiropractor. He has treated me in the past for sports related injuries and the results were outstanding. He’s extremely knowledgeable and professional and I highly suggest that anyone looking for help in this area should seek his consultation. — Martin M.


Dr. Frank, Thanks for all the help and treatment you gave me.  Thank you for pushing me to get better, even when I was down, for being there to build me enough to keep going.  You helped me change my outlook on pain and how it is something I can learn to manage instead of giving into pain killers.  I use your stretching program every day and use that time to decompress and let the tension escape my muscles.  I believe in your method of physical healing and ART procedures.  I feel less pain and more strength since receiving treatments.  That is why I will keep coming back and I will recommend you to family, friends, and business associates because of everything you’ve done for me. — Dan B.


I’ve lived most of my life hunched over and developed chronic upper back pain, naturally. I tried massages, heat pads, and a few chiropractors. Nothing. But since working with Dr. Sessa, my posture has improved, pain subsided, I walk taller and overall have a significantly better quality of life. The first thing you’ll notice is RELIEF. I highly recommend Dr. Sessa to anyone in physical discomfort for his mastery of the ART technique and extensive knowledge and passion for wellness. — Kent K.